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Many Paths, One Community

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Welcome Home

We are a spiritually progressive, radically inclusive, heart-centered community. We offer a variety of ways to grow spiritually and to make a difference in the world. Whoever you are and wherever you are on your path of life, you’re welcome here just as you are. Read more...

The Power of Sacred Grieving

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

I hold grieving as a steep, sacred walk. It’s a walk that no one is immune to. No one else can take it for us; it’s a required walk in every lifetime. Read more...

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Upcoming Events

25 July

Coffee Conversation and Connection

Our usual Sunday coffee hour and prayer table are virtual now. Come together for informal chats or to talk more deeply about the morning message and ask questions.

Stone stack with balanced stones
28 July

Guided Meditation

Sometimes called guided imagery, with guided meditation you form mental images that support relaxation and receptivity.

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13 August

New Member Reception

For those who have completed the three-week Membership Class and decided to become official members of Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living, a celebratory welcome dinner is hosted for them, usually on the Friday evening before New Member Sunday.


Prayer Practitioners

Ann Sullivan

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” –Meister Eckhart


Ann Sullivan

Posi Lyon

Having grown up in a city and being a city dweller all my life, I had been longing for the community feel of a village, as well as a personal connection with Spirit. I found both at GGCSL.


(415) 361-3245

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Sue Rouda

My passion is producing spiritual events, and what I love most about GGCSL is working and being with people who believe that TRUTH is the watchword of our philosophy.

(415) 435-5774

Sue Rouda photo

Lesley Gianetti

Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living is truly my spiritual home. The classes are excellent and inspirational; the experience takes us deeper into our sacred center.


(415) 260-7101

Lesley Gianetti photo

Debra Paul

Marin County feels like Camelot. When I wake in the morning I feel a sense of clarity and utter beauty surrounds me. The redwoods are my friends. The ocean gives me a feeling of knowing the eternal.

(415) 310-7733

Debra Paul photo

Michael Hart

The two things I love most about GGCSL are the high consciousness of the practitioner body, and its deep foundation in LOVE. It is the most loving community I’ve ever known.


Redwood trees with drop shadow

Barbara Cox

I love journaling. It clears my mind, clarifies my thoughts and brings me ultimately to peace.

(415) 596-3619

barbara Cox

Gail Durkin

I come from Oakland to Marin for GGCSL, its loving Spiritual community, and people I celebrate and connect with.


(510) 697-2330

Gail Durkin photo

Judy Berhnardt

I especially enjoy drawing, encaustic painting and oil painting. Making art brings me joy. “To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent on things being a certain way, good or bad.” –Eckhardt Tolle

(415) 382-9483

Judy Bernhardt photo

Gaelen Cooper

What I love most about Marin County is that you can drive to the mountains or the beach in an hour! “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” –William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Gaelen Cooper photo