Center for Spiritual Living

Professional Practitioner Training

Students wishing to become licensed Professional Practitioners must first receive the approval of the Senior Minister/Community Spiritual Leader at their Center and have completed the required prerequisite courses and received their certification.

There are two courses required of students to qualify to become licensed Professional Practitioners with Centers for Spiritual Living. The first is Advanced Consciousness Studies, the second is Professional Practitioner Studies. Each course is 30 weeks long and meets weekly with breaks between 10-week terms. (Usually summers are also free.) There are projects, papers, and exams at the end of each term.

Once a student successfully completes Advanced Consciousness Studies, they decide if they wish to continue into the second year of training. If they do, they are interviewed before acceptance into Professional Practitioner Studies.

Students who have completed both years of training successfully must pass the licensing exam and an interview with a three-person panel consisting of an ordained Minister and two licensed Practitioners. When they pass both of these, the Leadership Council of Centers for Spiritual Living must approve them for licensing. Approved applicants will receive their Center’s practitioner stole and their license certificate. This means they are eligible to serve clients in professional, paid sessions, and may engage in all the leadership activities their licenses afford them. (These may vary slightly from Center to Center.)

Licensed Professional Practitioners must renew their licenses every two years, demonstrating active practitioner service to their Center and participation in continuing education activities that hone or develop their professional expertise as Practitioners. When a Practitioner has reached 20 years of service, they become eligible to apply for Emeritus status and are permanently licensed.

Certificated Courses Online

Centers for Spiritual Living offers Certificated Courses through the Online Education Program. From Foundations through Professional Practitioner Training, students are offered a complete course track to Professional Practitioner licensing with Centers for Spiritual Living. For additional information and enrollment qualifications for these online certificated courses, please visit

The CSL Online Education Program provides opportunities for student enrichment and is a support for CSL Communities. CSL communities may utilize the CSL Online Education Program as a way to support their members with courses when there are not enough students to hold a course at their home Center. The CSL Online Education Program also supports students from Centers in taking and completing Professional Practitioner Training.