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Guided Meditation Service

Sometimes called guided imagery, with guided meditation you form mental images of places or situations that support relaxation and receptivity. You will use a variety of senses like sights, sounds and textures.

Meditation Surprise

Online 498 Tamalpais Dr, Corte Madera CA, CA, United States

The meditations for the 5th Wednesday evenings that occur quarterly will be chosen by the meditation leade. It's a surprise!

Crossing a Sacred Threshold

If you're experiencing or anticipating a life transition, you’re crossing a threshold into a new realm. Change is disruptive. Inviting Guidance from the deeper realm of Being helps us discover wisdom we can use to help us navigate this unfamiliar newness with more confidence and peace of mind. Using guided meditation, journaling, symbols and metaphor, you can discover inner Guidance to support you through this change.

Event Series Taize Service

Taize Service

Our Taize Service brings in the ancient traditions of Taizé–meditation, chanting  and prayer–and combines these with New Thought, contemporary, and Ancient Wisdom teachings and readings.