Center for Spiritual Living

Science of Mind Certificated Classes

Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living offers the core Science of Mind courses
developed and provided by our Home Office Education Dept. for Centers for Spiritual

Upon successful completion of a course, students are registered at Home Office and
certificates of completion are sent to our office at GGCSL for the minister’s (or
instructor’s) signature, then given to the students. A student may pursue a certificated
course of study in preparation for becoming a licensed Professional Practitioner or
Minister with Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL), or take any certificated course for
personal growth and understanding.

Science of Mind coursework falls into five categories: Foundational, Ernest Holmes,
History/Philosophy, Consciousness, and Electives.

A student who has successfully completed any of the Foundational courses is eligible
to take any other Science of Mind courses in any order, except Practitioner training
courses. Courses can be taken at one’s home Center, online from any Center, or from
our Home Office online education offerings.

For those students wishing to become licensed Professional Practitioners with Centers
for Spiritual Living, in addition to receiving the approval of your own Center’s Senior
Minister/Community Spiritual Leader, there are prerequisites to enter Advanced
Consciousness Studies—certificated completion of:

  • 1 Foundational course
  • The Essential Ernest Holmes course
  • 1 History/Philosophy course, and either
  • 3 Consciousness courses or 2 Consciousness courses and 1 Elective course

Current recognized certificated Science of Mind courses are:


  • Beyond Limits
  • Change Your Thinking Change Your Life
  • Foundations of the Science of Mind
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices


  • The Essential Ernest Holmes


  • Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind
  • From Whence We Came


  • Building a Healing Consciousness
  • Consciousness and The Creative Process
  • Meditation is More Than You Think
  • Mental Equivalents
  • Power of Your Word
  • Powering Your Decisions
  • Revealing Wholeness (Spirit, Mind, Body)
  • Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self
  • The Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  • Visioning: A Way of Life


  • 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life
  • Infinite You As the Universe
  • Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Principles of Successful Living
  • Prosperity Plus I, II, III
  • Spiritual Economics
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Registration for courses taken at GGCSL in-person or online can be done by:

  • signing up using the registration form link on this website for the specific Course being
  • emailing to register through our Administrator
  • signing the interest sheet at the Activity Table on a Sunday and following up with the
    Administrator to arrange course payment(s)

Early Bird pricing is offered for most courses, and requires full payment before class 1.
A three-payment plan is also available. Partial scholarships are approved by instructors
directly on a case-by-case basis.