Center for Spiritual Living


Our members are often people who are a little quirky and perhaps a bit off the beaten path. Some aren’t “joiners” by nature. If you’ve heard of Cultural Creatives, that’s us! Many of us can look back and see that we were always spiritual seekers or adventurers in one way or another. Some have no religious background; some came from very structured Christian denominations or even other faiths. Does any of this sound like you?

Who are our members?
Members are usually more involved and committed to our teachings and spiritual practices than nonmembers. Many are leaders, teachers, committed givers and volunteers here and/or in the larger Marin community.

A person who chooses to belong to GGCSL has a stake in what it does, in its well-being, and in how well it lives its Values and carries out its Mission. A member is a part of that and is active and identifiable. A member is connected by choice to the community.

Member in Hat
Members, group

Why be a member?
If this place and these people resonate with you, you might want to be a member of GGCSL. Becoming a member is a declaration of intention to participate actively and be a model of our spiritual community.

What benefits do members receive?
Members vote in the annual membership meeting; receive class discounts, a free 6-month subscription to Science of Mind Magazine, a free practitioner session every year during their birth month; and will be invited to an annual members retreat with Rev. Mary.

Members and gal with funny hat
Rev. Mary and friend at picnic

How to become a member
If you’re interested in being a member, you’ll attend the free 3-week New Member class (offered three times each year) to find out more about us. This isn’t a class in our spiritual philosophy, though it does touch on it. This class gives the explorer a chance to get to know some of our leaders and other potential members, to find out how we operate and why our Values, Mission and Vision matter in creating a world that works for everyone.

Membership Class Information

Newcomers can find it challenging to meet people, make friends, and find ways to feel like they’re part a spiritual community. Membership class participants become connected to a small group and get the tools and information they need to decide if they want to become a part of the life of GGCSL.

Classes are 2 hours each and take place early Sunday afternoons. During the first hour the class receives information about GGCSL and how to navigate here. The second hour is devoted to getting to know one another in small groups.

Those who choose to join will be invited to attend the Friday New Member reception and dinner in their honor and to get involved right away. On the following New Member Sunday they’ll be honored by the whole congregation in a special membership welcoming ceremony.