Center for Spiritual Living

Spiritual Practices

Daily spiritual practice helps rebalance us when life becomes bumpy or challenging. Learning and doing spiritual practice as a community roots it more deeply in us and magnifies the power of the practice for us all. Practicing it at home on our own then is like entering a refreshing rest period in a familiar safe space. Spiritual practice improves our lives. GGCSL teaches 6 different spiritual practices.

Rocks and Sand


Meditation is the neutral awareness and the experience of freedom that lives in the spaces between our thoughts and feelings. 

The practice deepens our awareness and resiliency. We hold on more lightly, let go more easily, and trust that whatever is happening has meaning and we can meet it with balance and peace. 

Meditation calms our minds and refocuses our attention on Oneness and the Infinite Mystery surrounding us and within us at all times.


You may be familiar with prayer as a communication with God in order to ask, apologize and seek forgiveness, worship, or bargain. 

At GGCSL we use a unique kind of affirmative prayer that’s different from these. Its purpose is to change us, not God. The Infinite isn’t reluctant to bring greater good to us, but we may be unintentionally getting in the way of our own good, or not recognizing it. 

Prayer helps open our minds and hearts to let our good in.



While meditation is a listening spiritual practice, and prayer is a speaking spiritual practice, visioning is a combination of both. 

Visioning is the practice of inviting and listening deeply to Spirit’s vision for an area of our life or the life of GGCSL. 

We listen from an inner space of being unconditionally loved. Visioning is usually done in a group, which magnifies the power of the practice, but can also be done alone, just like meditation and prayer.

Spiritual Study

Taking a spiritual class with a group helps satisfy the hunger and thirst for a deeper experience of the mystical Presence in our lives. 

Classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to dive into that connection. Studying spiritual teachings is an ancient wisdom tradition that’s still meaningful today.

Spiritual Study
Man giving homeless guy some coffee

Sacred Service

Participation through service increases blessings in our own lives and extends loving kindness to others. Sacred Service is giving from the overflow of good we’ve received to bless others. 

Service becomes sacred when we know that we, what we do, and the people we serve are all part of the One. We’re here to be a blessing to the world.

Conscious Giving

Conscious giving deepens and anchors us in powerful knowing and experience that God is our Source. 

We give consistently and intentionally to remind ourselves that we’ve been taken care of by God, and also to honor the places where we’re spiritually fed. 

We support and empower the work that makes this spiritual nourishment available to us and to others.