Center for Spiritual Living

Class Registration and Refund Information

To register for a current class, click on the link below

Journey of the Soul (REGISTER HERE)

Optional Tuition payments may be made in the following ways:

Via snail-mail: Mail your tuition check to GGCSL, 851 Irwin Street., Suite 217 San Rafael, CA 94901

Via credit card: Email our Administrator, Sonia Balain:, to let her know that you want to pay your tuition by credit card, and Sonia will contact you to get all your payment information.

Please note: Class tuition payments are not tax-deductible.

Pricing for Classes
• Early-Bird Pricing is available with a non-refundable $50 deposit paid at least two weeks before the date of the first class. The remainder of the early-bird tuition must be paid in full by Week 2. Early-bird pricing for short classes (four weeks or fewer) is available only at the discretion of the teacher.

• We offer an Extended Payment Plan (3 payments spread out over the course). Please contact our Administrator, Sonia Balain: for more information.

• A full refund may be requested after attending the first class, provided it is requested in writing before the second class.

• A pro rata refund will be given if the student discontinues participation after the second or third class and requests it in writing before the next class session.

• No refunds will be granted after the third class session. Full tuition for the class is due even if the student elected to use the installment plan.

• Should a student discontinue participation in a class, tuition that has been paid may not be applied as credit toward tuition in a subsequent class.

• To receive a certificate of completion following the end of any certificated class, all tuition payments, homework and participation requirements outlined in the curriculum must be completed.