Center for Spiritual Living

Online Prayer Request

Our sacred circle of prayer practitioners is honored to pray for you. There are several ways to make a prayer request during the week.

Online Prayer Request

Please use this form to send us your online prayer request

Another option is to call the office at (415) 721-2492, and either record your request if no one is in the office when you call, or make your request with our GGCSL Administrator, Sonia Balain, or another staff person, when they answer.

Either way, please give your own name, phone number, email address, and the issue you’re facing. Then be sure to state the result you’d like to experience if all was fully resolved.

If you’re making a prayer request about someone else, first get their permission to be prayed for. Give all the previous info, plus that person’s name.

If you’d like to be contacted by the Heart to Heart team, Rev. Mary or another minister or practitioner, or you’d like a written prayer to be mailed to you, request that during your call, too.