Your Words Have Power

Rev. Sarah Hargrave, Facilitator of The Extra Edge Breakfast Gatherings

You talk to yourself all day. You also listen. Watch what you say. Your words have power. – Julie Rankin, LPCC

Your words set a tone. They set the course for your day. They either carry you to success or they carry you to defeat. You decide. Watch what you say and choose your words carefully.

This is called self-talk, which is a form of self-coaching. It’s you talking to you and coaching yourself all the time. Self-talk can bring you to your best, happiest self, or it can mire you in misery all day long. It’s time to know the difference. It’s time to choose your words for success.

Take an inventory of the things you say to yourself: observe, notice, and record your self-talk. When challenges arise, be aware of your words and the resulting attitudes. Therein lies the key to having what you want. Why? Because life is NEVER about what happens to you. It’s always about what you do with what happens to you, and what you do begins in one place.

You know what that one place is.

And you thought you were going to focus on the outside world or what others say today? I don’t think so. Watch what you say. Your words have power.

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