Center for Spiritual Living

Women’s Drum Group

How We Connect Through Drumming 

By Suzanne, Tribe, Music Therapist, excerpted from Energy Life Sciences Institute blog, March 28, 2015

“Drumming was a way to communicate from one village to the next; drumming expressed the joy of gathering in celebration; drumming was the fabric of connection, collaboration and healing. Shamanic drumming was, and is, a key component of creating sacred space, honoring the earth and its directions, and intentionally shifting states of consciousness to retrieve information for healing, wellbeing and survival.

The drum is our connection to mother earth, Pacha Mama, our groundedness. The sound of our voices projected in singing or toning are our connection to the cosmos, to our dreams. And our heart is at the center, allowing the flow between earth and sky/cosmos.”

So come join your Sisters!  Bring your drum, your voice, and your Beautiful Self for grounding and connecting our souls to the Earth and our voices with the Cosmos!

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Suggested Contribution: $25