Center for Spiritual Living

Who Do You Seek? (04/04/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Happy Easter, and Happy 38th Birthday GGCSL! On Easter morning Mary of Magdala came to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. An angel greeted her there and asked, “Who do you seek?” When she says she’s looking for the body of Jesus, he gives her an astounding message: “Seek not the living among the dead.” This short reminder tells us: “Don’t despair! Let go of your old belief and embrace what is here, now.” This will be an unusual Easter because we aren’t doing the customary Sunday format. Instead, we’ll look through the eyes of the disciples for part of the morning Celebration, then shift our attention to ourselves and to GGCSL’s 38th Birthday today. (There’s also a very special Easter Birthday message from our founding minister, Rev. Dr. Lloyd Tupper!)

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