Center for Spiritual Living

When We’re Pushed by Pain (06/06/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Every one of us feels pulled toward the unknown sometimes. Occasionally we get stuck in resistance and hang out, trying not to move. What’s behind us is irretrievable, and what’s ahead is just too scary. When that happens the pressure and discomfort mount until something has to give. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith says that “pain pushes until the Vision pulls.” The Universe won’t let us sit still. Change is the way of things. We can resist mightily and get pushed, dropped, or dragged there. Or we can allow the pull of Something Greater to ignite our motivation. This isn’t surrendering to addictive behavior I’m talking about; it’s being lifted and empowered in a direction of newness. Let’s look at the experience of being pushed by pain and how we respond to it. Let’s find out how to cooperate with the push sooner, and open to the Vision.

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