Center for Spiritual Living

Welcome to the Temple (10/02/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

In many spiritual traditions we learn that the body is the temple of the soul, and the soul, or essence, of a person is sacred. But the body, as amazing as it is, is also filled with limitations for an infinite soul. Why would we choose a human incarnation with a brain and 5 senses that limit what we can experience and process?

My thought is that in order to learn, a soul needs contrast and to experience a reaction to that contrast. How do we know a thing is beautiful? Because compared to other things it stands out as very pleasing in some way. With no experience of comparison, it’s harder to appreciate variety and its appeal.

We may become so attached to the body’s experiences that we want to stay in it forever. How does the universe deal with that? Watch today and find out.

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