Center for Spiritual Living

Week 8 of 2022 Giving Program: A Star Is Born, Ready for the Awards Party? (11/14/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

When a great work is completed it’s only right that it be celebrated. Ships are christened with champagne, great architectural creations are dedicated, extraordinary performances are recognized with awards. Yet as individuals, a number of us don’t celebrate our wins and successes. Perhaps we don’t want to appear full of ourselves, or maybe what we’ve done just doesn’t seem big enough to merit an actual celebration.

But shouldn’t even small successes have their day with some recognition? The enthusiasm of a celebration is encouragement that can fuel us for quite a while! So today we celebrate the completion of our 8-week A Star Is Born! Giving Program for 2022. Today you’ll see that we have plenty to be grateful for and proud of with what has been accomplished in this past 18 months.

We’ll be receiving the giving goals for 2022 (in a confidential ceremony) of those present during the Sunday Celebration, and enjoying some refreshments together afterward.

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