Center for Spiritual Living

Week 6 of 2022 Pledge Program_ A Star Is Born, The Magic of the Cutting Room Floor (10/31/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton


It’s time to make way for Cosmic Left Turns and Divine Re-writes! Most of us have created the lives we live today unintentionally–even unconsciously. Although it’s now a well-known and common understanding that our state of mind affects the quality of our health, relationships and success in life, it’s unusual to find people who are habitually focused in the present moment on the good they want to create and live.

When we take stock of where we’ve been and where we are, we can intentionally choose to course correct or stay the course. To stay the course we continue what we’re doing, maybe adding more of it to our daily lives. But to change course requires more. We have to decide how to change ourselves in order to change course. What do we need to release, let go of, stop engaging with in our lives? What do we need to surrender to and welcome? What qualities of doing and being are wanting to be more fully expressed through us?

We are editing what we’ve done up to now when we do this. Creating something new. Loosening our attachment to old patterns and surrendering them. Making space for something even better than what has come before.

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