Center for Spiritual Living

Week 5 of 2022 Pledge Program_ A Star Is Born, Quiet On the Set…Action! (10/24/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Our teaching uses two slogans from time to time that can seem contradictory: Treat and Move Your Feet and Let Go and Let God. The second one sounds like God does all the work and the first one sounds like we pray and after that it’s all up to us. Neither of those interpretations has it quite right, though.

Today we focus on the most effective order to use for the spiritual action and result we want. First inward focus, quiet and surrender. We spend time releasing attachment to exactly how our desire should look and show up and opening to the guidance of the Infinite Creator. Then we take action on the guidance we receive, continuing to let go into further intuition and guidance as we step into the creative process.

You’ll hear more about this in our A Star Is Born! scene today as we introduce the Stage Manager character. We’re already entering week 5 of our pledge program series and continuing to deepen in our practice of the creative process with Quiet On the Set…Action!

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