Center for Spiritual Living

Week 3 of 2022 Pledge Program_ A Star Is Born, Make A Scene–Act “As If” (10/10/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson is a Renaissance Man: minister, actor, visual and performance artist, writer, interpreter, and instructor of martial arts, American Sign Language and Reiki. As he steps in to speak for Rev. Mary today, he also brings the full spectrum of his deep spiritual presence into the playful space of this great topic.

What does it mean to “act as if”? Isn’t that pretending to be something we’re not? Isn’t that dishonest? Actually, in metaphysics as in theatre, the way we learn to embody a new paradigm is to begin to act from that consciousness as best we understand it. Join us with Rev. Raymont today as we discover the richness of this holy play and learning.

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