Center for Spiritual Living

Week 2 of 2022 Pledge Program_ A Star Is Born, Cast Your Characters (10/03/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

All of us are telling the story of our own life all the time. But is it the story we want to be living? Whether our stories are of the past, present, or dreams of the future, to bring the lives we want to be living into being requires some conscious participation in the way we tell the story.

In our fall Pledge Program, A Star Is Born! we continue to explore the idea of how to craft our own life story with the scenes of a one-act play that will continue, one scene per Sunday, throughout the program. Some of our members are the actors in this 5-minute piece about the Actor who’d like to be a Star. The Actor represents each of us, and her process of creating her life story continues today as she meets the Casting Agent.

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