Center for Spiritual Living

“Using Our Gifts” (06/25/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Once we’ve caught the thread of Guidance, recognized our path, or at least the current part of it, and found our own sacred center, we must take what we’ve learned on this circuit through the spiral and bring it back to our larger community. Family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances or co–workers all are part of that community. We may even be called to use our gifts for a larger population of people we don’t even know.

Regardless of who we come back to from our sacred center, the gifts we have are meant to benefit more lives than just our own. Sacred service is a required aspect of the gifts we’re blessed with. As we discover things we are able to do that others can’t, we will likely be called to put those things to use in service. How does a person serve well, without losing themselves in the process? Let’s take a look today at service and balance to see how to do this better.

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