Center for Spiritual Living

“There’s Always A Choice: Love Or Fear?” (09/17/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

A Course in Miracles put the simple choice between love and fear into the spotlight of every thought, word and action of our lives. Which do we choose in this moment? We’re largely unconsciously making this choice all the time. We react automatically, from habit and perspectives we’ve layered into our consciousness: family perspectives, opinions of friends, media we’ve consumed, personal experiences and interpretations of feelings, ideas, people and events. We’re discerning whether we feel safe, confident and peaceful or not, and making circumstances and other people a prerequisite to feeling these. But maybe that is missing the essential key. Wise spiritual teachers have pointed the way to doing Life differently, including Ernest Holmes, founder of Centers for Spiritual Living. Today we’ll examine what these wise ones have been saying all along to help us live more happily. And since Love is one of GGCSL’s Core Values, it’s a potent idea for us to explore!

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