Center for Spiritual Living

The Wisdom of the Wind (04/18/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

In some older spiritual traditions of the East and West, the breeze is a part of one’s prayers. Tibetan Prayer flags fly prayers into the Universe, sage smoke wafts its consecration prayers upward in the Indigenous Americas, as does incense in Christian traditions born in the Middle East and Europe. Bells ring out through the atmosphere, as does singing and drumming. Without the air, none of these would have meaning. When we pray aloud, or speak our affirmations, we’re using the power of air and sound to make something symbolic more real in the world. Wind has been said to bring messenger, be a harbinger of future events, and support our ecosystem in ways we never realized until relatively recently. What is the spiritual meaning of the wind? How does its power show up in our lives to support us? Today we’ll explore the metaphor of wind and why it is used in spiritual traditions so often.

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