The Truth of Being

Lesley Gianetti, RScP

Thinking about ways to to stay centered and grounded during intensely distracting conditions…I do what Ernest Holmes recommended; I don’t deny the conditions I turn from them.  

I believe the Truth of Being is the Truth of Life. Each one is a center in the consciousness of the One Infinite Life. I look for that Life at the center of every condition, realizing that Life spreads itself through every human activity as the divine Presence within. I feel secure and safe in the world realizing the divine Presence is interpenetrating around and through me and all people.   

Realizing this makes me feel free with the freedom of the One Infinite Life! I perceive freedom through my entire body temple and being as a vibration alive, awake, and aware in me…One Infinite Life in action!

I experience freedom with complete abandonment and I surrender myself up, with a sincere desire for fulfillment right now in the present moment. I consider freedom to be my divine birthright, and I experience it as a deeply intimate and necessary union of my soul with the Soul of the Universe. 

This is how Life pulsates through me with the rhythm of the Universe and I know that I Am an outlet for Its Self-Expression–this is how I meet the world every day, in every place, and on every plane.

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