Center for Spiritual Living

The Sacredness of Life—Paganism (05/01/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

People from ancient times, and some today regard the Earth as the Mother Goddess from which all life comes. To win the people over to early Christianity, churches were built on top of familiar pagan holy places where people were used to going. Sacred pagan dates became newly associated with Christian feast days. The pagan focus was, and still is, on love and kinship with Sacred Nature, honoring the Pagan Ethic, and the balance of the masculine and feminine in Divinity.

Today we’ll explore what our Science of Mind teachings have in common with these pagan values and traditions. From Ernest Holmes, the founder of Centers for Spiritual Living, to present day descriptions of our beliefs and values, we find that once again, as with the other world faiths, there are meaningful overlaps between them.

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