Center for Spiritual Living

The Road Less Taken (04/11/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

When I was a kid I wanted to fit in with everyone, and only stand out for something successful. Even being the kind of kid who mostly followed expectations and guidelines I found, as I got older, I was being directed toward unfamiliar paths, practices, and teachings from ancient wisdom and New Thought. It was very compelling and also scary! I’d been warned from being led astray as a part of my spiritual training. What did it mean that what I resonated with deeply wasn’t on the traditional path? People who find their spiritual home in a Center for Spiritual Living often have had an experience like this. Something pushed, pulled and guided them onto a new path–one they hadn’t anticipated traveling, and maybe even doubted they were prepared for. What are the pros and cons of The Road Less Traveled? Is it your road? Take a look with me today and find out.

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