Center for Spiritual Living

The Path of Tolerance—Hinduism (05/15/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

When I was studying for the ministry I took a class in world faiths and learned that in India the Hindu culture incorporated the gods and goddesses of others who conquered or were conquered by them. Because the Hindu tradition sees many, many aspects of the Infinite Mystery by many different names, it was logical to assume this new god or goddess represented ad facet of the Divine with a name they hadn’t previously known. Or perhaps it was a new name for a god or goddess they were already familiar with.

They made space for these new beliefs coming from other countries and peoples. They did not force their beliefs on newcomers. Rather, they incorporated aspects of these new beliefs into their own lives and culture. Instead of competing or experiencing conflict over these gods and goddesses, new ideas and forms of worship were tolerated, welcomed and incorporated.

The wonderful Faith Rivera is our special musical guest this morning.

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