Center for Spiritual Living

The Body Remembers (10/23/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

In the description of Babette Rothschild’s book, The Body Remembers, we read this: “It is now thought that people who have been traumatized hold an implicit memory of traumatic events in their brains and bodies. That memory is often expressed in the symptomatology of post-traumatic stress disorder—nightmares, flashbacks, startle responses, and dissociative behaviors. In essence, the body of the traumatized individual refuses to be ignored.”

While we may not remember details of how we felt at the time of a trauma, or never realized it as trauma, we may cope poorly. What if we listen to the body instead of silencing it? What if we find out how to support the healing and releasing of its stored memories? Let’s see if we can honor the body as it holds the trauma for us, and consider healthy ways to release it.

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