Center for Spiritual Living

“Opening Up to Change” (04/21/24)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Even though we often resist it, we’re designed for change. In fact, we couldn’t not change, even if we tried. There is not one moment of life that isn’t different from any other or when we are the same as we were a moment ago, even though we may feel the same. Our bodies are constantly changing. Everything around us is affected by everything else, and it, too, is in change. The Moon, the tides, the seasons of the year, the plant and animal life around us, are all clues to this. We witness their changes and expect nothing less. Why not welcome our own changing, too?

To change something in our lives, we, too, must change, or else there’s no room for the newness we’re wanting. Today we’ll explore welcoming changes, even when we don’t know where they’ll take us. An expectancy of good invites it forward in our experience, so we’ll cultivate that today, too.


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