Rev. Dr. Barbara Leger

Rev. Barbara Leger, D.D., PEACE 1st activist and Spiritual Student of Life, founded TEMENOS Center for Spiritual Living in Ukraine on Sept 11, 2001. Under her leadership, TEMENOS CSL, Inc. (California) has birthed two NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Ukraine.

Rev. Barbara Leger photo
Rev. Barbara Leger

The first NGO is the evolution of our almost 19 year-old organization and community is exciting. It is now becoming the teaching and community service arm, currently called TEMENOS East.  It has shifted to being managed and led by a collective of 6 practitioners trained by Rev. Barbara, who continues to support this chapter as a member of the local Board of TEMENOS East and a coach for the collective in expanding their teaching  skills and competencies.

Now we have introduced an exciting new NGO, МИ WE: We Stand for the Future* organized to cultivate a possibility mindset in Ukraine. This is putting the teaching of Science of Mind into practice with programs we design and produce for the public Education Department of Ukraine–a heaven-sent opportunity. In 2019 we created a Pilot Project for what МИ WE calls The Season for Peace and  Understanding.

CSL volunteers and TEMENOS in Ukraine
CSL volunteers and TEMENOS in Ukraine

Held in two cities, Kiev and Cherkasy, 26 schools, 92 teachers and 1700 students enrolled in the 9-week program. This single pilot program directly interacted with 1900 students, teachers and administrators, as well as their family and friends, for a conservative estimate of 3,000 people touched by the program. The program has had a huge impact, and when people want to study more deeply, then we refer them to TEMENOS East. TEMENOS East, in turn, refers students and teachers to МИ WE’s new educational programs.  Many exciting plans for the future are being considered.

Joint Thanksgiving Day celebration TEMENOS large screen in Ukraine, GGCSL in lower right tiny screen
Joint Thanksgiving Day celebration TEMENOS large screen in Ukraine, GGCSL in lower right tiny screen

Rev. Dr. Barbara describes this as the most important aspect of her work:

“The process of PEACE First supports anyone who uses it to pause, catch their reactions to upsets, and turn them into a response from their inner wisdom and connection to Life.

Putting PEACE First invites us to experience our purpose and possibilities–our courage and compassion. In this way, our ability to learn to put peace first is like a handle that opens a door to all the goodness and gifts of this amazing life.”

* WE = “we” in English; МИ = “we” in Ukrainian

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