Center for Spiritual Living

“Talk Me Out of It_ Courage Arises Within Fear” (10/22/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Courage arises within fear. When we face danger and understand the risks, it’s typical to feel fearful. Some of us feel fearful more easily than others. Some are nearly fearless in moving forward and taking on anything that comes. Courage isn’t required when we feel no fear. It’s all about acting
through the fear. Leaders who have accomplished great things had to face fear to do that. We admire their courage, even when we think we don’t have much of it ourselves. Learning from mistakes is a rich, if difficult, part of life. Eckhart Tolle tells us, “Real inner growth usually does not come when things are going well. That’s not where awakening happens. Awakening comes when chaos breaks into your life—
when you’re out of your comfort zone.” Life is naturally messy and sometimes we’re frightened by things that don’t threaten our lives, but for us there is still something at stake. This is when we call on courage, and we’ll talk more about that today. Today’s exploration will be about why we choose integrity and the benefits we can realize from doing so consistently.
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