Center for Spiritual Living

Starting Here Starting Now (02/07/21)

Mary Murray Shelton

It’s February and Punxsutawney Phil has already come and gone. It will be Valentine’s Day before we know it. Tiny flowers are popping up everywhere and the whole of Marin County, California is reminding us that we can always begin again.

Remember that Barbra Streisand song, “Starting Here, Starting Now”? It’s a love song of commitment, but if we took just the first verse, it might be the voice of the Universe encouraging us to remember how loved and supported we are by Spirit: “Starting here, starting now, when we walk, we walk together, year by year. Starting here. Starting now.”

No matter what our past has been like one thing we know: it passed! We are here now. It’s a new moment and fully ours to make it what we will. Shall we duplicate yesterday? Or shall we create something different, starting here, starting now?

Let’s find out together what that would take.

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