Center for Spiritual Living

Seeing All the Way Through Appearances (05/16/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Our spiritual practices help us look beyond and behind appearances–to think beyond apparent limitations. This can work well, but usually it’s somewhat inconsistent. Probably because we’re inconsistent when it comes to applying our practices to these “distressing disguises” as Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to call them. Where have you drawn the line between appearances you can see through and those you’ve made into exceptions? Many of us make exceptions. It might be family relationships where the appearances seem too real to see through. It might be physical or mental challenges, or financial ones. It might be jobs, or our opinions about those with opposing views. Today we’re going to challenge ourselves to look those issues in the eye and see the Truth behind those appearances. (It may derail your excuses for judging, so be ready!)

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