Center for Spiritual Living

“Recognizing My Path” (06/11/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Each person has unique fingerprints, tongue prints, iris designs and voices. Even “identical” twins are distinct from each other in this way. So it makes sense that no two of us have the same path in life. It’s not just relationships and careers that distinguish these. The inner soul has a reason for being human and facing the challenges that their life presents to them.

So how do I know what my path is? I can surrender to what is and whatever happens, trusting that’s the way for me. But for many of us, that’s not satisfying. We want to be more engaged and more at choice about our path, finding or building it as we go. Last week we explored Catching the Thread, or paying attention to the guidance we receive. This week we’ll consider the path itself and why recognizing yours matters.

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