Our Prayer Practitioners offer prayer during our Sunday Celebrations in the morning and at the Prayer Table following it. They do this and offer Birthday check-ups for all our members. These services are offered free of charge. You can also make a personal appointment with a practitioner for a full session. These are paid sessions and each prayer practitioner sets their own fee and schedule. Please contact a practitioner of your choice using the contact information next to their pictures for one of these specialized longer sessions.

Prayer Practitioners are extensively trained and have been licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living. They renew their licenses every two years until they have been active in their spiritual community for 20 years. Then they become Practitioners Emeritus and may continue to serve until they retire without further renewals.

Judy Bernhardt photo

Judy Berhnardt

I especially enjoy drawing, encaustic painting and oil painting. Making art brings me joy. “To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent on things being a certain way, good or bad.” –Eckhardt Tolle

(415) 382-9483

Laurel Wilson photo

Laurel Wilson

Laurel is currently on leave.


“We can do no great things…only small things with great love.” –Mother Teresa


Lesley Gianetti photo

Lesley Gianetti

Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living is truly my spiritual home. The classes are excellent and inspirational; the experience takes us deeper into our sacred center.


(415) 260-7101

Lori Greer

Lori Greer

This is my family–my chosen family. I’m loved and supported here; my authentic self is welcomed.


(415) 912-7774


M. Louise Mann photo

Rev. M. Louise Mann

Not seeing private clients but available for one-time prayers.
This is my favorite quote for inspiration when I need it: “You have a Friend within you who is closer than your shadow. This Friend anticipates your every desire, knows your every need, and governs your every act. This Friend is the God within your own soul, the animating Presences projecting your personality which is a unique individualization of the Living Spirit.”  –Holmes, Your Invisible Power

(415) 771-3848 (messages only: leave name, phone and brief message)

Marilyn Letsos

Marilyn Letsos

The minute I walked into GGCSL 30 years ago I knew I had come home! The philosophy of Science of Mind has totally changed my life and GGCSL was the ideal place to travel the journey of the Divine Self side-by-side with others in classes, Sunday service, and the many other meaningful and supportive activities available there.

(415) 488-4496

Redwood trees with drop shadow

Michael Hart

The two things I love most about GGCSL are the high consciousness of the practitioner body, and its deep foundation in LOVE. It is the most loving community I’ve ever known.


Pat Sandry

Pat Sandry

Thomas Troward  said, “Principle is not bound by precedent.” This Principle is a constant inspiration to me. I believe that if any one could truly believe in this Principle their lives would change exponentially.

(415) 450-7999

Paula Yue

Paula Yue

I love to bake: bread, scones, cakes, cookies, tarts. If it’s baked I make it.


Posi Lyon photo

Posi Lyon

Having grown up in a city and being a city dweller all my life, I had been longing for the community feel of a village, as well as a personal connection with Spirit. I found both at GGCSL.


(415) 361-3245

Rick Wait photo

Rick Walt

One of the things I love doing is playing music. “You are a unique and precious creation.”


Sarah Hargrave photo

Rev. Sarah Q. Hargrave

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” –Oprah


(415) 383-1763