Karen Drucker, Music Director

Sonia Balain

There are so many scientific studies that validate the importance of music in our lives. Music can release the “feel good” hormones that can change our mood, lift our Spirits, and create connection with others.

Just imagine how it feels when a group of people join together to sing as one, lift their voices in song, and sing words that inspire, uplift, and empower. That is my vision for music in our church.

As music director of this wonderful community, I am committed to bring the positive message of our New Thought philosophy through the songs that I write and sing, but also with our amazing guest musicians from all around the country.

After serving as music director of GGCSL for seven years with Rev Karyl Huntley, I am thrilled to be back again to serve this community in partnership with Rev Mary Murray Shelton. Between the empowering message and inspiring music, we are making a difference in the world one heart at a time.