Center for Spiritual Living

Love Life Now (03/13/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Life isn’t always easy to embrace, especially if we’re experiencing pain, worry, fear or doubt. These distressing distractions can pull our attention away from the miraculous beauty of our world. If we bring love to each aspect of life, it doesn’t mean we pretend things are fine when they aren’t. It means that we choose to bring love to each encounter and situation, even when things seem to be at their worst. Does this show up as weakness or a lack of boundaries? Only if we confuse love with letting ourselves become uncertain, confused, frightened and indecisive about our own values.

Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind, “Love is the grandest healing and drawing power on earth.” Our congregation identified Love as one of our Shared Core Values, but what do we mean by the word, “love?” Today we’ll dive into Love and see the many ways love is showing up for us in life every day and how we can feel and express it more fully ourselves.

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