Center for Spiritual Living

Life Is Always For Us (02/27/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

We’ve probably all heard (and maybe even said) things like, “I can never win,” “Things never go my way,” “The deck is stacked against me,” and so on. These expressions point to a belief that hard things in life land more on us than others in an unfair way, and that we have no power to change this. This belief will create more and more of these experiences and opportunities to view our experience this way until we feel hopeless.

The Founder of Centers for Spiritual Living, Dr. Ernest Holmes, wrote in his book, A New Design for Living, “…in such degree as we cooperate with and entertain good in our thought and actions, the entire nature of the Universe is for us and nothing is against us.” Let’s consider how we cooperate with and entertain more good in our thoughts and behavior today.

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