Center for Spiritual Living

“Letting Go with Gratitude”(04/28/24)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

At the end of an Affirmative Prayer we do a little more than say “Amen.” We intentionally “send” the prayer to be acted upon by releasing it into the Creative Law of Mind and Spirit. Our prayer provides the guidance to Law re: what to create. We’re grateful as we do so, and we state that appreciation as we release the prayer. By doing so we’re welcoming the good we seek in advance, and acknowledging that although we don’t know how to bring this about, the Law is able to do so. Our job is not “how” but “what.”

In the time after the prayer, we frequently take a moment to feel what the result we look forward to will feel when it manifests for us in our lives. We’ll take a look together at the power of letting go with gratitude.


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