Center for Spiritual Living

Lessons in How to Be a Love Guerrilla (05/09/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Usually when we hear the word “guerrilla” it brings to mind a small, independent fighting force battling larger regular forces. Or, it can also refer to actions or activities performed in a spontaneous, and often unauthorized way. I think of “Love Guerrillas” as those anonymous angels who “pay it forward” bringing surprise blessings of love when they’re least expected. What if we were love bombing one another instead of fighting? What if we opted for generosity before withholding until we can see what we’ll get out of it? I think there might be a lot more smiling and kindness available to us all. Let’s look at our lives to see where we’re being called to bring love just ‘cuz, and to share the results in some way with each other.

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