Center for Spiritual Living

It is always New, we are always Creating and it is never Too Late (01/16/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

The metaphysical New Thought tradition is established in universal truths (principles / laws of life) and deepened by knowledge, insights, mystical awareness, and daily practices based in these fundamental realities. People everywhere are discovering that it’s a great time to make a new commitment the part of your True Self that could benefit from divine loving attention.

We are the architects of our experience. We created the space and the containers for all the precious aspects of ourselves. This process of creation is as fluid as we let it be. Imagine what you want to experience NOW in your life and let’s lean into PEACE together.

I (Rev. Barbara) see Peace as the internal operating system for life, so I use the laws of life and the power of unity consciousness to place my order into unconditional Love Itself. I am excited to unpack these ideas with you today!

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