Center for Spiritual Living

“Integrity Is A Conscious Choice” (09/24/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Integrity. Honesty. Authenticity. Being true to oneself. Being trustworthy. Fairness. We experience so many opportunities that are choice points. Do we tell the truth and take the consequences, or fib to protect someone’s feelings (or keep ourselves out of trouble)? Afraid we won’t have enough? Do we cheat, steal or lie to increase what we have so we won’t feel afraid or worried? Oddly, that choice tends to make us feel even less abundant and safe.

At GGCSL, we define our Core Value of Integrity as “living honestly, keeping your word, and showing up as your authentic self.” Practicing this, and being accountable when we slip up, contributes to all our other identified values. When we live in integrity, we’re trustworthy, creating a welcoming, safe, supportive atmosphere around us. We’re loving, forgiving, growing, generous. This tends to create Community, Love, and Spiritual Growth.

Today’s exploration will be about why we choose integrity and the benefits we can realize from doing so consistently.

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