Center for Spiritual Living

“Grateful in Advance” (01/22/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Every spiritual tradition emphasizes the power of gratitude to increase blessings and wellbeing. As human beings, we try to balance our generosity and gratitude, giving and receiving with grace. When think we give more than we’re given, we can become resentful, or feel invisible or unworthy.

In reality, we’re surrounded with options and possibilities. To see and discover them, it’s vital that we shift our perspective to an expectancy of finding these all around us. As we welcome even small opportunities as blessings, and reinterpret challenges as preparation for more good, our gratitude grows and life becomes more fun as an adventure in discovery. Today we’ll explore the many things for which we’re grateful, and those we look forward to welcoming, experiencing “gratitude in advance” of receiving them.

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