Center for Spiritual Living

Go for the Outrageous! (09/19/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

The likelihood of self-aware beings developing in the universe is so slim it’s amazing we’re here at all. The slightest differences in how things occurred in the evolution of this universe would have rendered that impossible. Yet here we are! Clearly, God goes for the outrageous. And this means we are empowered to do the same, having all been created out of that One Consciousness. Outrageousness is built-in to us.

Life experiences shape what risks we’re willing to take and which ones we learn to avoid. Sometimes this yields wisdom, sometimes recklessness, and sometimes over-protectiveness. Today Rev. Mary encourages us to lean into a little more risk (unless you’re one of the few who is already too fearless for your own good). After all, how can we reach for the stars if we’re afraid of exposing our bellies in the process? Risking, reaching beyond what we already know how to do, this is how we discover who we really are. Let’s stretch together today!

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