Center for Spiritual Living

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow (07/18/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

How do we “free our minds,” and why would we need to do that? 

Life can get so busy and compelling that days go by and we might find that we haven’t been “tasting” our lives at all. It’s as if we’re on the way to somewhere else all the time, rather than being here now. Not only can this be exhausting, but it can also bring us into anxiety and depression.

Fear, or one of its disguises, can constrict our thoughts, words and behavior, locking us into repeating patterns. Finding ways to free the mind–neutralizing that fear–reveals choices and possibilities we couldn’t see from inside our looping prison of beliefs.

What can assist us to free the mind when it gets stuck like this? And what do we have to be willing to release and to embrace to gain that freedom?

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