Center for Spiritual Living

“Follow the Path Back Home” (04/02/23)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

This month Golden Gate CSL celebrates its 40th Anniversary, which is why the April theme is There’s No Place Like Home. We want to have a kind of Homecoming on Easter, next Sunday to welcome everyone who has ever been involved with GGCSL to join us in the celebration and Easter potluck.

I resisted calling today’s talk, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, though I was sorely tempted. Why does Dorothy do this in The Wizard of Oz? She doesn’t know anyone in Oz. Why does she trust the munchkins and the good witch when they encourage her to embark on this path?

Today we’ll explore what it takes to follow our spiritual path to the “home” our souls long for, and why it matters that we continue to do so.

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