Center for Spiritual Living

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton, Senior Minister and Community Spiritual Leader

My life has been a diverse, rich field of work and play. It began with retail sales, live theatre and restaurants. Who knew I’d end up becoming a minister? I certainly didn’t–yet I’ve been a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living now since 1985.

I was always irresistibly drawn toward Spirit. Raised Catholic, I embarrassed my mother by creating an altar in my bedroom when I was 9. I was disappointed at age 11 to discover that Catholics didn’t believe in reincarnation. At 15 I was so moved by Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet–I’d borrowed it from a friend–that I copied it out by hand before returning it. I did the basic drug experimentation in high school and college, always aiming toward transcendence.

Even more restless with my childhood faith in my early 20s, I went on a spiritual search. I took a personal growth training, studied A Course in Miracles, and then joined the choir and became a member of a local Center for Spiritual Living (then called Church of Religious Science). I was astounded to find out that there was a church that taught what I had come to believe. I was home.

That last part of my story might almost fit anyone who feels a pull toward the Mystery but who doesn’t like traditional religion or finds it unfulfilling, and then somehow stumbles over a Center for Spiritual Living and feels like they’ve come home.

If that sounds at all familiar to you, welcome to Team Namasté!

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton, Spiritual Leader