Center for Spiritual Living

Bring Forth A Being of Light! (12/04/22)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Human beings discovered at the dawn of their existence that light was powerful and necessary for life. They could see how all creatures and growing things lived in harmonious cycles with the light; how they adapted themselves to maximize it.

For whatever reason, light draws our attention. We seek it out both physically and metaphorically. Although tragedy and darkness fascinate us because they are clothed in mystery, light is necessary to our bodies and souls. Color mostly disappears in darkness. Objects and people are indistinct. We must strain to get more information in the dark.

Perhaps light is all the more precious because of its contrast to darkness, and also because of its cycles. We can’t hold onto light. it moves and changes. We have to let it go repeatedly. Today we’ll explore the spiritual power and illusiveness of light in our lives.

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