Center for Spiritual Living

Are You Ready to be Changed at Depth? (03/28/21)

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Being changed at depth refers to a transformation so profound you might require some way of marking “before” and “after” it: a new name, a tattoo, relocation to a new place or form of work. This would be an extraordinary transformation: not just from a caterpillar into a butterfly, but more like from a caterpillar into a unicorn. (Better yet, a flying unicorn!)…But I digress. Is any one of us ready to surrender completely into an unpredictable change process from which we may emerge as unrecognizable, even to ourselves? Perhaps that’s what taking birth as a human being is all about: finding that courage and leaping into it. Metaphorically, of course. (The leaping, that is, not the courage part.) Would you leap if you knew you would fly or be safely caught? We don’t have direct guarantees, so the question becomes, Are You Willing to Be Changed at Depth?

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