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"Life is Abundant. Expect the best and live in such a way as the best becomes our experience."

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What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?
Creating A Spiritual Mind TreatmentResources

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?

The affirmative form of prayer that we use is called Spiritual Mind Treatment. This is a 5-step process in which we call forth the highest expression of good in our lives in any area—health, wealth, love, happiness, creative expression.

The method is based on our understanding that there is a Universal creative energy that is the Source of all life (you may call it God, or Love, or Oneness) and that we interact with this energy through our thoughts and beliefs. With affirmative prayer, we consciously choose the thoughts that create what we want to experience in life, as we bring ourselves into harmony with the highest good.

A very simplified version of this practice is as follows:

Step 1 God is all there is.
Step 2 I am a part of God and all that God is.
Step 3 In this moment I align with the highest good in my life. I accept the gift of love, joy, peace and health right here and now.
Step 4 Knowing that this good is already given from the infinite Source of all, I give thanks for its manifestation in my life.
I release this to the perfect workings of God as Law as I relax and know it is done.

Try this. Take a moment now, focus your awareness in your heart and read these words or create your own.  Feel the presence of divine unconditional love bringing your good to you here and now!

If you would like to know more about this powerful practice – join us for a class, attend Sunday service, or contact one of our licensed practitioners for a personalized session of spiritual counseling and prayer.

Click here to read about Spiritual Mind Treatment for children.

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Creating a Spiritual Mind Treatment
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To get you started in creating your own affirmative prayer – here are some words and phrases that express the elements of each step. This can be a little like creating a recipe with your favorite ingredients, you can see which phrases resonate for you (and the specific focus of your prayer) and put them together. Say this prayer to yourself, in silence, then read it out loud.

There is creative power in the word, and hearing your own voice resonating with words of truth is very powerful, indeed.

Brief Description of the Steps

Recognition In this step we speak about the infinite, absolute, all-providing, creative source that is everywhere and everything.
Unification Here we speak about our own individualized and perfect expression of the infinite.
Realization In this step we speak of the specific good we are claiming, knowing that we are worthy of it, and now receptive to it.
Thanksgiving We express our gratitude for the manifestation now—even before we see evidence of it—and know deeply and truly how grateful we are to be the expression of divine good.

Clearly and completely release your word to the action of the Law (the Law, not the Universe, or God's Love, or some other concept, but the Law) knowing that as you have spoken, it is now done in consciousness.


Words and Phrases: Elements of Each Step
Step 1 Recognition
  • God is all-knowing, all powerful, and everywhere.
  • God is the essence of all that is.
  • God is great; God is good.
  • There is one presence, one power, that I call God.
  • God is the ultimate Creator.
  • God is miraculous!
  • God is all love, peace, harmony, grace.
  • God is the Mystery.
  • God is all there is.
  • Spirit is everything.
  • God is the underlying Reality for everything I see.
  • God is in, under, over, around and though all.
  • God is indivisible, omnipotent and whole.
  • God is love, intelligence and beauty.
  • God is eternal and changeless.
  • One Spirit, One Mind.
Step 2 Unification
  • I honor the presence in me.
  • God is the love that I AM.
  • I AM one with God.
  • God's desires and mine are the same.
  • My thoughts are God's thoughts.
  • My actions are God's actions.
  • The mind of God is the mind that I use.
  • I AM.
  • There is only one mind and I AM part of it.
  • All that God is I AM.
  • God is within me and, therefore, I AM perfect, whole, and complete.
  • God in me, as me, is me.
  • God and I are one; therefore, I AM good, deserving and complete.
  • I am one with the rhythm of life.
  • Wherever I am, God is.
  • God's presence surrounds me.
  • The life within me is God.
  • I am a manifestation of God.
  • There is one mind; that mind is God's, and that mind is my mind now.
  • I am one with Infinite Spirit which flows through me now in love.
  • The One Source is within me.
Step 3 Realization
  • I choose; I am; I am ready to receive; I experience; I co-create; I actualize; I hold as true; I claim; I am ready; I assert; I know; I accept; I AM; I embody; I declare; I realize; I believe; I receive; I manifest; I trust; I welcome; I deeply and fully accept; I acknowledge; I am living; I see clearly now; fully; right now; totally; completely; viscerally; with deep conviction; utterly; deeply; entirely; clearly; profoundly; strongly; right here
Step 4 Thanksgiving
  • I am grateful; I appreciate; I give thanks; I feel overwhelming thankfulness; the joy of gratefulness is mine now; I am thankful for this gift; I feel joy and love in my heart; this manifestation of God's love has filled me with awe; I celebrate; I give thanks for God's presence in me; I feel truly blessed; with grace I thank and accept; joyful loving thanks; open; loving heart; gracious gratitude; happiness; express joy for my answered prayers; attitude of gratitude; I am grateful for all this and so very much more; I'm overjoyed; I give my loving thanks; I dance in my thankfulness; humble appreciation; I express my love to the Mother/Father God principle
Step 5 Release
  • It is done.
  • It is perfect.
  • It is complete.
  • I release this treatment to the Creative Law, with the assurance that all the details are taken care of on the level of manifestation.
  • I let go and let God.
  • I release it and let go.
  • I let go, knowing all is in Divine Order.
  • I acknowledge that God's will is now being manifested.
  • I surrender to God and trust in the perfection of the Universe.
  • I accept this treatment as complete, and so it is.
  • I let it be.
  • I leave it alone with God.
  • I release this Divine inner knowing with God.
  • I know that this is so.
  • I release this truth as God's truth.
  • I surrender all attachment and release myself to God's will.
  • I place into Creative Law
  • And so it is!
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  • Visit the prayer table after Sunday Service for a spiritual mind treatment with a licensed practitioner.
  • Contact one of our licensed practitioners for a personalized session of spiritual counseling and prayer.
  • Click here to read more about Spiritual Mind Treatment.

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