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"Working with the licensed practitioners at GGCSL has greatly supported my growth. I frequently use different practitioners depending on whether I am seeking a soft loving presence, whether I want someone who will help me unlock possibilities or whether I want someone to hold me to the highest application of spiritual principles. Working with a practitioner also helped me replace my fears with spiritual truths to clear all the previous obstacles to getting married – I was happily married two months later."

— Francine Huss, Principle of Our Abundant Life


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Meeting with a Practitioner
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What is a Practitioner/Client Session?

Perhaps you have had an experiece of affirmative prayer with one of the Practitioners in a brief session after a Sunday Service and you are wondering how that experience differs from seeing a Practitioner in full session. Or maybe there is a particular area of your life where you would like to make some changes and you want to engage the services of a Practitioner, but you are not sure what it is all about.

People see Practitioners for many reasons: to find a life partner, to make improvements in work or career, to discover new ways of self-expression, to address health issues, to cope with loss or grief. No matter what the issue, the Practitioner works with spiritual principles to facilitate the changes you want in your life.

A session with a Practitioner generally lasts about an hour. When you set up your appointment, your Practitioner will let you know what his or her fee is.

What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Your Practitioner is trained in the art and science of Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer), which is a powerful tool for transformation. Professional Practitioners have completed several years of study and preparation and are committed to maintaining a high level of consciousness in serving others with the skills they have developed. The Practitioner works with universal spiritual principles to facilitate a change in consciousness that brings about changes in the life and experience of the client.

How Do I Get Ready for a Session?

There is nothing you need to do in advance of your session; however, it is always good to give thought to what you want to change in your life and what you want your new experience to be. The best thing you can bring is your willingness.

Give your Practitioner the same consideration you would give any helping professional: prompt arrival for appointments and 24 hours' notice of cancellation.

What Can I Expect from My Session?

After greeting you, the Pracititoner begins with an invocation, which is a prayer that establishes the atmosphere of love and receptivity to the Divine working through the session.

Then, you and your Practitioner will have a dialogue in which the Practitioner will ask you questions to determine what you are trying to manifest in your life and to discern what thought patterns and beliefs may be contributing negatively to your situation. This dialogue also helps to determine the spiritual principles on which to base the Spiritual Mind Treatment. This dialogue differs somewhat from going to a therapist, because the Practitioner is looking for the spiritual truths behind the experience. Feelings may surface as you share, and that is appropriate. Your Practitioner is trained in the art of compassionate listening and will gently assist you to release that which stands in the way of seeing the larger picture. The Practitioner will also introduce you to the Spiritual Principles which are relevant to your situation; your Practitioner may suggest practices that you can do to support the change you are seeking.

The session concludes with the Spiritual Mind Treatment. At this point, everything that needs to be said has been said and it is time to receive. As your Practitioner speaks an affirmative prayer, allow yourself to become fully receptive to the love and wisdom contained in the prayer. Let yourself go into the new images being painted by the words and feel your connection with Spirit.

Once the Spiritual Mind Treatment is done, allow yourself to simply soak it in. Feel the resonance of it and embody the shift of consciousness that has occurred. There is no need to converse or be social. Your Practitioner knows how important it is for you to be able to stay in the feeling established by the treatment.

What Do I Do After a Session?

Notice the changes in your life. They may be subtle or dramatic, but something will change as a result of the treatment. When the new experience or desired outcome you were looking for comes about in your life, it is called a demonstration in Science of Mind terms. Let your Practitioner know about the demonstrations in your life! There is nothing more heart-warming than knowing that the work you are doing together is bearing fruit and that you are savoring it! Noticing the changes and giving thanks for them is a sure way of keeping your life going in the direction that you intend it to go. Keeping a journal is also an excellent way to become more aware of the changes that are taking place. And follow through on any "homework" your Practitioner has recommended for you.

Things Aren't Getting Any Better...In Fact, I Feel Worse! What's Wrong?

Sometimes you may feel a little shaky after a treatment. This is just the creative process at work, making way for a new experience. You can check in with your Practitioner if the feelings become very uncomfortable, but keep your thoughts positive. Remember the essence of Spiritual Mind Treatment and remain receptive to your increased good.

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Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living - Practitioner Directory
  Ann Sullivan , RScP 415.686.8746 San Rafael
  Barbara Cox, RScP 415.388.1832 Mill Valley
  Dana Ewell, RScP 415.847.8986 San Anselmo
  Deborah Erwin, RScP 415.497.5951 San Anselmo
  Deborah Welsh, RScP 415.509.3438 Sausalito
  Debra Paul, RScP 415.310.7733 San Anselmo
  Francine Huss, RScP 707.400.7589 Healdsburg
  Frank Lange, RScP 415.720.3875 Larkspur
  Gaelen Cooper, RScP 415.380.0697 Tiburon
  Gail Durkin, RScP 510.655.7671 Oakland
  Jane Jennings, RScP 415.388.4783 Mill Valley
  Jane Roach, RScP 415.647.0427 San Francisco
  Janet Carol Ryan, RScP 415.261.3294 Petaluma
  Joyce Thomson, RScP 415.384.0953 Mill Valley
  Judy Bernhardt, RScP 415.382.9483 Novato
  Rev. Katherine Saux 510.922.1037 Oakland
  Laurel Wilson, RScP 415.717.8855 Corte Madera
  Lesley Gianetti, RScP 415.260.7101 Greenbrae
  Lori Greer, RScP 415.912.7774 Greenbrae
  Rev. M. Louise Mann, RScP 415.771.3848 San Francisco
  Marilyn Letsos, RScP 415.488.4496 Woodacre
  Michael Hart, RScP 415.886.5454 Greenbrae
  Pat Sandry, RScP 415.450.7999 Tiburon
  Paula Yue, RScP 415.668.1453 San Francisco
  Posi Lyon, RScP 415.550.1349 San Francisco
  Rick Walt, RScP 415.472.1948 San Rafael
  Sandy Walker, RScP 415.898.4447 Novato
  Rev. Sarah Hargrave, RScP 415.383.1763 Mill Valley
  Selma Bomfim, RScP 415.381.4676 Mill Valley
  Sophie Fleming, RScP 415.350.4341 Corte Madera
  Sue Rouda, RScP 415.902.1404 Belvedere/Tiburon
  Trish Brady, RScP 415.269.7555 Greenbrae
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